What's Great About Amazon's New Phone

There is a new smart phone vying for a piece of the market. If Amazon has the kind of success it has hand in other areas, then it shouldn't have any trouble climbing to the top of the ladder with its latest offering. But with so many other phones already on the market, you're probably wondering what else could Amazon bring to the table that would make it stand out. Below are a few of the things that make this Fire phone displays Schutzfolie worth checking out.


If you like taking pictures and sharing them on various social media sites, you will love this phone. It has not one, but two cameras. The camera has a powerful lens and 13 megapixels. You will never have to worry about getting a good shot again. And you'll look like a big time photographer when all of your friends see the shots you post online. The front camera doesn't offer as much as the back one but does it really have to when the back camera is so awesome? And in case, you always run into the problem of not having enough space to store all of your pictures, the company that created this camera is also throwing in some free cloud storage. What's better than that?

Special features

Like the tablet made by this company, there is also a special button you can push on the Fire phone Ledertasche that connects you with customer support right away. This is very convenient and helps to cement this company's brand which has always been very customer oriented. It is very user friend with many intuitive features. You will love being able to snap a picture of a phone number or website address and be instantly connected. And of course phone owners will also have access that e-reader owners have to the company's e-book platform. So if you were considering getting an e-reader from this company you might be killing two birds with one stone by purchasing their phone.

Perhaps the coolest feature of all and the most talked about is the 3D capabilities. Playing games with simulated depth perception is taking things to a whole different level. It's true, we've seen 3D in other devices, namely hand held gaming systems, but this Amazon Fire phone approaches 3D in a completely different way. And you will also be able to use the 3D capabilities for other things besides game play, like shopping.

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